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Be transported to the front row of every RIDE

Working out and staying fit at Home has never been easier. With Bodhi at Home you have access to great content, with new classes being released almost daily. All you need is a spin bike at home, and some weights and cycle shoes, and you're ready to RIDE. 

Just after a Quickie?

A bit scared to commit? Easy! We'll deliver one of our high tech studio bikes to your home, complete with cycle shoe and weights hire, so all you need to do is clip in and RIDE. Min commitment is 1 month hire.

Cost: $248.50 a month for bike hire + $80 for delivery*

To ensure a bike is available, please contact us first to enquire. Email hello@bodhiandride.com.au

*includes drop off at your house, and return to the studio, shoe hire and one set of weights.

Bodhi Bike 1.0

Yes, it's here. We're excited to launch our own, custom made spin bikes.

The Bodhi Bike 1.0 is our proprietary at-home version of the bikes we have at our Port Melbourne studio, especially designed for you.

An at home riding experience that not only captures, but enhances the incredible energy, authenticity, and athleticism you’ve brought to our Port Melbourne studio for over four years.

Bikes are available on a pre-sale basis and will arrive in 6-8 weeks.